Sustainability / Clean Building

ACP Property Services (ACP), the property management company at Broadway Station, is committed to managing our environmental footprint for a stronger, healthier community.  

Building Automation System 

Broadway Station is equipped with a building automation system (BAS) that controls the heating and cooling for the building.  Buildings with BAS systems run more efficiently, reduce energy consumption and costs, reduce maintenance costs, and improve comfort and productivity.

Energy Advantage

ACP uses the services of Energy Advantage to monitor electric, water and waste to determine and create procedures and policy for a more sustainable building environment. 

Energy Star

With an Energy Star rating of 81, Broadway Station is considered a top performer!


Broadway Station is proud to take part in the movement for a more eco-conscious community by installing a beehive on the 2nd floor patio of the 990 Building.  Our thousands of colleagues will pollinate the urban flora that surrounds us during the summer.  At the end of the season, we will harvest their honey and share it with our community.  Informational workshops will be held twice per year.  Check the calendar for dates. Learn more about Broadway Bees.

Recycling Program

ACP encourages all tenants to participate in our Single Stream Recycling program.

Electronics Recycling

ACP hosts two (2) electronic recycling events per year.

Urban Green Space

The courtyard plaza at Broadway Station is designated as an Urban Green Space.  With 95 trees and hundreds of shrubs and flowers, we are helping to reduce air temperature and urban heat islands, improve air quality, decrease air pollution, and enhance the health and wellbeing of people living and working in the area.

Air Filtration

Broadway Station has a unique air filtration system that includes three (3) layers of filtration, including 1” thick MERV-9 filters (pre-filters), 1” think MERV-14 filters (box filters), and 2” thick MERV-13 filters (bag filters)


ACP works with CCS Facility Services to keep the building clean and help keep our tenants healthy.  Two (2) day porters spend the day cleaning the common areas, including all high touch points.

The evening janitorial crew cleans inside tenants' spaces each night (Mon-Fri) taking special care to clean high touch point areas, using cleaning products approved by the Center for Disease Control.  They also do an additional cleaning of the common areas.